ON Y VA is a love letter to the French countryside, fulfilling wine importers Alex + Julie Milligan’s desire to easily bring exceptional French wine on all their adventures. Sans corkscrew, bottle, cups. Sans hassle.

When brainstorming their vision for ON Y VA, two important life moments kept popping up.

The first, flashes of their magical journey through the wine regions of France. Drawing on this, the ON Y VA canette features the lush Loire Valley, from where this majestic Sauvignon Blanc is harvested, on a small, family-owned estate.


The second, the moment they got engaged during a hike, drinking wine from a clunky glass bottle and eating creamy Époisses on baguettes—the ring nearly burning a hole in Alex’s pocket as he rummaged for wine tools. They knew then there had to be an easier way to crack open the moment—and that’s with chic, sleek lightweight cans of ON Y VA!

These two have had amazing moments over wine. ON Y VA encourages everyone to find their moment of joy, of bliss, of that-sunset-is-so-beautiful-and-I-am-so-happy-right-now. That moment no one can take away from you. Ever. Find it, Savor it with ON Y VA.